Bakyapı Group, which lives with justified honor of having offered nearly 6,000 dwelling units up to the present, keeps going to render services to the new population of new cities, with current and future brand new projects it carries on in Istanbul, Çanakkale and Sakarya, after Bursa where it started and grew and to which it owes its stable growth. Bakyapı will continue to attract not only the interest and credit and appreciation of Turkish people but of foreign investors too, with projects it undertakes.

We undertake as Bakyapı that we will act with our accumulation we obtain from the past and in accordance to following objectives:

We aim to create living spaces which make the peace and security accessible, with our achievement.

We work and try to provide stability and to be a well distinguished company in the sector; with our exemplary projects and constructions we accomplish to motivate both the national and international economy.

We consider the sustainability, in addition to transport the company’s material and moral assets to future generations, within the scope of sensibility we feel for the environment and as a human responsibility, and we care to protect while we produce.

We consider social responsibility projects which add value to the community and aim to create awareness, as a voluntary task done with much love, rather than a corporate obligation.


To work by praising the company’s staff’s power, support and knowledge, which are the most valuable resources, by implementing the necessities of the time on expertise fields with due care.

To consider our customers’ satisfaction as our own satisfaction and to render services which deserve the reliance of our customers, and are compatible with the place we currently occupy, with original projects and innovative solutions.

To work in harmony with the people and institutions we cooperate, without harming the environment and nature, and to participate to environmental sustainability