After the global financial crisis the economy seems to be clearer again. We have been very proud of the fact that Türkiye has been the rising value during this period. The determined application of long term policies lies under this success. In this scope we hope that the growth of the Turkish economy will continue in 2012.

As Bakyapı Group, we aim to achieve a regional growth in the industries which we are active. The year 2011 has been quite successful for our Group. We want to maintain this trend of growth in 2012.

In 2011, our affiliate Bakyapı İnşaat has been a wanted brand in the domicile projects of Bursa by its high quality service understanding and corporate management approach. We aim to improve our success in 2012, through the projects in the regional provinces. Concerning the food industry, Bakgörler Gıda has been proceeding its continuous growth in the markets with the production and marketing of granulated beverages. Our affiliate Bakterm İzolasyon has incorporated its own Insulated wall block facility and concerning sound and thermal insulation, we have started to manufacture our own sandwich wall block under the brand “Thermoblock” especially to be used in our own projects. With the participation of the new team and new machinery investments to Mobak Mobilya in 2011, we will be able to market our furniture production which we have been using for our own projects also to other companies in 2012.

As it has been the case in 2011, we will continue to conduct social, environmental and sponsorship projects also this year. In this context we are aware that not only commercial projects but also social and environmental projects define the brand values.

Herewith I wish to submit my thanks to our employees contributing to our success, to our customers for the trust and support to Bakyapı Group, and to our solution partners who have been enthusiastic in collaborating with us