Quality is a life style for us rather than a standard. Compliance to earthquake regulations is the main rule. In all projects realized we collaborate with leading companies of their business only. All domiciles are presented totally cleaned up, all subscriptions completed and ready to move in.


We continue to conduct a solid relationship with public and financial institutions through our honesty and reputation in the Industry. We keep our promises and commit them in due time. We concern you as you concern yourself and complete all our commitments flawless.


We complete all processes not only by means of construction speed but also by means of speed in managing suppliers and public procedures. By this way we have completed over 20 projects, more than 2000 domiciles within a period of less than 30 months.

BAKYAPI Innovation

We follow up every standard and innovation in the Industry. We provide innovative solutions to our customers in the field of insulation and decoration with support of our R&D and production organization.


We show highest effort to protect a decent family environment in our realized projects. We build bridges to maintain neighborhood relations which shall last for many years. We provide fast solutions for our customers in case of any problems after-sales, with our mobile technical team.

BAKYAPI Advantage

We reflect our purchase advantage achieved by our intensive production and strong financial structure, to our customers. We offer the best quality material with the most affordable prices. By this way we enable BAKYAPI customers to gain the highest possible benefit in a short time.